Your private information is not sold to third parties. We do not track you across the Internet. This website does not honor “no tracking” requests because it is not equipped to track in the first place. 

Personal Data That is Collected

We obviously need to obtain information for payment and delivery of products if you buy something.  PayPal is our payment processor and has its own privacy rules governing purchases through its system.

If you decide to create an account on our website then you are necessarily providing data that helps us know it is you, to provide communication with you, and fulfill your product orders.

If you send, email, mail, call, text, etc. us a message you are providing data. We may act based on what is in the message. You should not consider messaging to be private or confidential.

Data provided by our web host, such as IP addresses accessing pages, is not sold to third parties.  There is no expectation of privacy if you are attempting something illegal or trying to harm us in any way. Misconduct may result in accounts and/or website access being terminated or blocked.

We are located in the United States of America, although the hosting service for website may be locating in a different country.  We are not subject to and do not follow GDRP or other European Union regulations and rules.


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