Blood art is one of the art mediums used by artist Brian Bula.

Anything goes. It could be pure blood. Or diluted with water to create shades of color. Or be blood on a painting where there is also pure gold, jewels, or some other material. The blood could be an embellishment on another primary piece. Blood is often applied to treated canvas or some other material.

Brian Bula
Brian Bula

Almost everyone asks – where does the blood come from?

I have three stock answers to choose from:

– The graveyard. It is a great source for finding free bodies….

– One of my friends is a funeral director and she helps me drain bodies of their unneeded blood before being embalmed and …

– I’m in the US so for legal reasons I am saying this is animal blood. The same kind of blood found in select Asian restaurants or high-end dining establishments. I’m not sure why things like pigs blood or snail eggs are considered a delicacy only available for wallet-busting meals, but they can be legally obtained.

Sorry, no shock-value story of how I am using my own blood after cutting myself with a Rambo knife and nearly killed myself a dozen times self-administering blood collection.

I’m an artist making art.

I can use virtually any material for art, including real blood.

I’m having a crapload of fun making blood art.

It isn’t all horror.  Blood doesn’t only have to be horror.  That’s just lazy.

Blood also relates to love, hearts, friendship, and “blood” is consumed in Communion and religious ceremonies by over a billion people every year.

I don’t limit my blood art to any one topic. I’ve done it all. Whatever you may want you’ll probably find it here.